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Roughly 2,000 Jobs Projected Over 5 Years


Nearly 2,000 new jobs are projected to become available in Aroostook County in the next five years. That’s according to initial analysis of data collected in the Aroostook County Jobs Projection Project, spearheaded by the Aroostook Partnership for Progress (APP).

About 35 of the region’s larger employers have responded with projected job openings, estimated salaries and required education levels. In health care alone, there is projected to be a minimum of 750 jobs over the next five years.

This effort is still in the early stages, with more data being collected. The purpose of project is to help stem student outmigration, to inform junior high and high school students of upcoming job opportunities in Aroostook County and to aid Aroostook businesses with aging workforces by providing them with potential prospects to help them maintain or grow their businesses.

“APP would like to tackle, head on, the impression that you have to leave the County or the state to get a good job,” said Bob Dorsey, president of APP.

In addition to getting this information into the hands of youngsters, Dorsey said attracting people back to The County will also be a component.

"I talk to people all the time who say they want to come home to Aroostook, but are convinced they can't find a job," he said. "We want to show them that isn't true."

Other highlights from the preliminary look at the data shows 355 projected jobs in manufacturing and more than 150 in large retailers like Wal-Mart and Marden’s.

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