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Loring International Airport (LIA) is a comprehensive 1,600-acre aviation complex. Built by the U.S. Air Force, this airfield is complete with over 400,000 square feet of facility space and substantial aviation support equipment including ramp vehicles, refuelers, ground power units, generators, non-destructive inspection equipment, sheet metal fabrication equipment, de-icers and tugs. Among the facilities are hangars ranging in size from 41,000 square feet to 194,000 square feet, an operation and control tower facility, a jet engine test cell building and a fully equipped fire crash/rescue station. LIA's 12,100-foot runway is one of the longest on the east coast and is well maintained. With the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) sanction, LIA enjoys a private, prior permission landing designation, and it is available for aircraft operations.

Loring's Advantages

  • Loring is a fully functional industrial/business commercial and aviation complex...
  • LIA's 12,100-foot runways are among the longest on the east coast and are well maintained.
  • LIA can support aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); aircraft manufacturing and completion; aircraft storage; aircraft painting; and cargo operations.

Since the Airport's designation as a private, prior permission airport, aircraft operations have become routine. Executives on errands at Loring arrive and depart at their convenience on light planes and business jets. C5-A military transports loaded with cargo associated with the Maine Army National Guard's vehicle refurbishment center use the airport. In August 2000, Loring initiated its entry into aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul business with the arrival of a jet aircraft being readied for service as Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman's campaign aircraft. The aviation company that performed the work on Senator Lieberman's aircraft discovered an abundance of local workers who possessed all the necessary FAA credentials to perform work on the DC-9 aircraft. The company was also pleasantly surprised to discover a high level of enthusiasm, dedication and diligence among the local workers that paid big dividends in terms of productivity.

While these initial steps provide proof that Loring's aviation complex is a viable location to conduct maintenance on large aircraft, the Loring Development Authority (LDA) is taking further steps to assure that the airport will be fully functional and able to support these aviation operations. For example, a precision approach utilizing LIA's instrument landing system (ILS) is being established to allow landings when visual approaches are not possible. Refueling services for both jet fuel and avgas will be available.

Having secured title to all aviation assets at Loring, the LDA is aggressively pursuing aviation development at the LIA in the niche markets of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); aircraft manufacturing and completion; aircraft storage; aircraft painting; and cargo operations. The LDA is also seeking prospects in need of jet engine test cell or flight-testing facilities.

The marketing efforts have been fruitful. The Telford Group conducts aircraft maintenance, disassembly and storage operations on Loring and Telford, together with SAIC, has a project to develop and test unmanned airships for surveillance uses in military and homeland security applications. The Telford operations are the cornerstone of aviation development on Loring. They have strengthened the aviation industry in Maine and will result in a number of spin-off activities on Loring and new jobs.

LIA is located on Loring Commerce Centre (Loring) in Limestone, Maine, making it the closest airport to Europe from the U.S. It is also in close proximity to east coast seaports, and large Canadian markets in Quebec and Montreal. Loring is a fully functional industrial/business commercial and aviation complex complete with its own municipal support services, state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, transportation systems and facilities needed to support aviation enterprises.



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