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Maine Quality Centers (MTC)

Eligible Businesses:
New or expanding firms creating a minimum of eight (8) new full-time jobs with benefits in the state of Maine . Consortia of businesses creating a minimum of eight new, full-time jobs are also eligible. The award is based on skill requirements, wage benefit levels, and company and labor market analysis.
Program Summary:
The MQC program uses the states Community College network to generate a pool of trained applicants, from which a company can select its labor force. The program provides 100% state-financed education and training in support of job creation, as well as customized recruitment and guaranteed fast-track training designed to employer specifications. This program is offered at no cost to the company or trainees, and is delivered by the state's seven technical colleges. Training can be for either pre-hire or post-hire trainees.
Program Example:
A local software development firm has received training assistance through Maine Quality Centers in support of 5 separate expansions since 1997, representing increases from 8 to 105 employees at a time. The company's unique product required specialized training for new hires and, through Northern Maine Community College (NMCC), the cost of authorized proprietary training was paid for with funding from MQC grants. From programmers to sales representatives, employees participated in training delivered by company representatives on site at their growing facility. All participants were screened and hired first by the company and were trained on company time.
Most recently, MQC approved a grant through NMCC to support a combination of proprietary post-hire training provided by the company and the development of a new certificate program at the college. In this latest project, NMCC has partnered with the company to develop and deliver a customized Certificate in Commercial Software Development to be offered at the college as a either a stand alone associate degree or as a third year certificate option for graduates of NMCC's Computer Information Systems (CIS) program. The grant will support up to 13 students in the first year of the program to be offered as pre-hire training for the company. ATX will participate in program and course development as well as in recruitment, assessment, and selection of the students for the first class; all of whom will receive training at no cost to them or to the company. Successful students will be interviewed by the company following training and the company will make final hiring decisions. Once developed and piloted during the coming school year, the program will likely be offered at NMCC as a regular tuition program to the general population. It will serve as a feeder to help meet anticipated future hiring needs as the company projects continued growth.
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