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Maine Pre-Apprenticeship Program (MPAP)

Eligible Businesses:
Employers interested in working with Maine youth in registered apprenticeship programs.
Program Summary:
Two years of customized high school academics and 1,000 hours of on-the-job training during the junior and senior years, culminating in permanent employment and entry into the Maine Apprenticeship Program.
Program Steps:
The student enters the Maine Pre-Apprentice Program as a high-school junior and works for the employer part-time during his/her junior and senior school years and either part or full-time during the summer. When the pre-apprentice graduates from school, he/she also graduates from the Pre-Apprentice Program. The student receives a Certificate of Completion of Pre-Apprenticeship from the Maine State Apprenticeship and Training Council, and can then choose to enter The Maine Apprenticeship Program. If he/she does enter the Maine Apprenticeship Program, then his/her on-the-job training time in the pre-apprenticeship program will count towards the Maine Apprenticeship Program.



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