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Maine Apprentice Program (MAP)

Eligible Businesses:
Businesses that want to train their existing and/or new employees in registered apprenticeship positions.
Program Summary:
The Maine Apprenticeship Program is a customized, systematic training program designed to meet the needs of Maine employers through on-the-job training (OJT) and related classroom instruction. The program pays for a portion of the registration fees for two courses a semester - $100/course.
Program Example:
The employer signs a set of standards of apprenticeship with the state, which includes the employer's OJT training schedule. The employer must register the apprentice (who must be a full-time employee) with the Maine Apprenticeship Program. Then the employer will be issued a Certificate of Registration for display in their lobby. The employer assures that for each year of the program the apprentice attends a minimum of 144 hours of related classroom instruction and receives 2000 hours of OJT for the occupation they are apprenticed in. Upon completion of the program, the apprentice receives a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship, and the employer receives a certified, skilled journeyperson.
Program Valuation Example:
Investment Assumptions
Total Jobs Created
Employees Utilizing Program (est.)
ROI & Program Valuation
Estimated Value per Employee
Total Estimated Value of Apprentice Program:



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