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Governor's Training Initiative (GTI)

Eligible Businesses:
New or existing firms requiring financial assistance for the competitive skill development of new hires or existing workers. To be eligible, firms must:
  1. Pay wages equal to, or above, 85% of the average wage for that occupation in the given labor market, and
  2. Contribute 50% or more of the premium cost of employee health insurance. Small businesses with fewer than 25 employees, and in business less than 3 years, are exempt from the health insurance requirement.
Program Summary:
The Governor's Training Initiative may be used to provide partial reimbursement for the cost of non-routine workforce training, that contributes to workforce expansion, and/or the retooling of existing workers for new technologies, processes or markets. Eligible training includes workplace literacy, high performance skills, technical training, higher education, and on-the-job training.

Preference will be given to applications that exhibit:

  • Formation of a local project partnership
  • Provision of matching funds
  • Investment in lifelong learning
  • Increase in local training capacity
  • Provision of quality employment
  • Location in a depressed labor market
  • Willingness to hire targeted populations
  • Provision of registered apprenticeship
Program Example:
An Aroostook County firm needed to retrain 20 maintenance workers for industrial/electrical skill requirements. The Northern Maine Community College developed a customized Master Electrician course specific to the company's industrial requirements. GTI provided the company with partial reimbursement for the cost of upgrading maintenance workers to Licensed Master Electricians.
Program Valuation Example:
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