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  • Enhance Aroostook County's Economy.
  • Market the Region to the U.S. , Canada and Europe.
  • Develop our downtowns into attractive and vibrant business centers.
  • Facilitate an effective economic development dialogue for the Region.


  • Increase the awareness of Aroostook County among decision-makers involved with business expansion, relocation, and investment.
  • Increase activity and private investment in select Aroostook County Downtowns.
  • Serve as the Region's research clearinghouse and recognized source of economic development information.
  • Facilitate open forums for in-depth dialogue on key development issues in the region.
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with Chambers of Commerce, Aroostook County Delegation, and other key State-level constituents.
  • Formulate and implement a fundraising strategy to encourage companies throughout Aroostook County to invest in the Aroostook Partnership economic development initiative.



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